What we provide
Reindeer for Christmas provide transport to and from your venue, but we do make an extra charge for fuel, this will be discussed with you at the time of your quotation. We provide straw bedding, shovel, broom, water buckets, hay and feed, and of course insurance. You will be required to provide crowd control fencing, double fenced, in some cases. A member of your staff will be required to clean out the enclosure, and feed and supply water to the reindeer twice a day. Also a competent member of your staff will need to make regular visits to the animals, to ensure their welfare during their stay.
If they are to stay at your venue for any length of time, then a member of our staff will
make regular visits to ensure all is well.

Member of ACTA
Reindeer for Christmas is a full member of ACTA (Animal Consultants and
Trainers Association). All our animals come with insurance, we have a £5 Million
Public Liability Insurance. Plus, Risk assessment, Defra Movement Orders,
Health and Safety Documents and, Static Hire Feeding instructions.
All our trainers are Government Registered. Established 1986

Reindeer for Christmas is proud to have been assisting industry with displays for over
twenty years. Make your Christmas extra special this winter and delight young and old
alike. Our reindeeer are accustomed to crowds, music and different environments.
They have human contact daily at our Reindeer Sanctuary.

Our pricing structure
Depending on your individual requirements our costing to you will vary. Pricing starts from
as little as £500 on weekdays in November within a 50 mile radius of base plus transport. Our Christmas Reindeer hire services will never let you down, we never take your bookings and then drop the job if a more lucrative offer comes along. We are still in business after over 30 years because we care about your event and our animals. We have have around 30 animals, and have been breeding English reindeer since 1990 so at all times you may trust Reindeer for Christmas with your event.

If you would like to enquire about our Reindeer hire services please click here.

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